IWC Pilot’s Watch

1786 Russian Hide

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IWC Pilot’s Watch
IWC Pilot’s Watch
IWC Pilot’s Watch
IWC Pilot’s Watch

Developed as an homage to the original Mark 11 watch designed by former IWC owner Ernst Jakob Homberger for his sons, the IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36mm Special Edition harks back to the era of the Gentleman Aviator in style and form. The original Mark 11 is one of the most renowned timepieces that IWC has ever built in its history, spanning a production lifetime of some 35 years and configured to fit the tool requirements of the British Royal Air Force. This special edition developed by The Rake and Revolution with the brand evokes the utilitarian purity of the Mark 11 updated with a new colour palette never seen before in the Pilot’s collection till now.

A stroke of inspiration brought an additional sartorial touch to the watch. In December of 1786, the Spanish frigate, Metta Catharina, carrying leather hides from the Russian port of Saint Petersburg, was bound for the Mediterranean when it was caught up in a terrible storm. It was forced to seek refuge in Plymouth Sound but eventually broke free and sank along with its cargo. Two hundred years later, divers found the sea bell to the ship before discovering bundles of hides preserved for two centuries in the black mud of the sea bed. After gaining permission from Prince Charles, whose territorial property encompasses the area where the leather was found, British shoemaker George Cleverley began using these recovered hides to make bespoke shoes.

George Glasgow Jr, the current CEO of George Cleverley, says: “It’s a leather we’ve become known for, though it is getting increasingly rare. These reindeer hides were soaked in willow bark and curried with birch oil and so, if you carefully bring them back to life, they create shoes with a really extraordinary character.”

Limited Edition of 150 pieces.



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