The Rake

19th August 2018

The Rake


The Rake has always admired the Glasgow dynasty of shoemakers, so when someone swells the ranks of the family, it is heartening that she is full of kindness and joie de vivre. We caught up with George Glasgow Jr. and his wife-to-be Véronique in Cannes.

The Rake

If you have picked up this issue of The Rake on the day it comes out, may I rstly congratulate you on your eagerness and dedication to the rakish cause. More importantly, though, this issue is published the day after the nuptials of perhaps the most glamorous, kindest and convivial couple we know.

There are a select few brands that have been close to The Rake throughout its lifetime, but few more rewarding than that of the august shoemaker G.J. Cleverley. Specically, we refer to George Glasgow Jr., the C.E.O. Yes, on the one hand the shoes are ne plus ultra — they are the pinnacle of excellence, the height of elegance and the most authentic in craft, which is enough to hold our attention and desires. As well, however, what George (and his father, George Sr.) has in bona des, he matches with his character. It is fitting, therefore, that George is marrying someone with all of his qualities and more. For anyone who is, for some reason, drawn to the punishment that is a spin class, Véronique Glasgow will be seen as L.A.’s greatest export, and she can be found putting people through their paces at Psycle in London. We are delighted she is ‘over here’, as she puts a smile on an old friend’s face, and who would want anything more? Congratulations to them both.

The Rake

The Rake

1. George is always conscious of being both stylish and understated. Here is his internally monogrammed blue bespoke jacket by Rubinacci, blue bespoke horn from E.B. Meyrowitz, and bespoke denim shirt by Budd.

2. Always on brand, the shoes are George Cleverley Ocean Suede unlined loafers, with the ocean- going look matched to perfection with white trousers from Anderson & Sheppard.

The Rake

3. If there is such a thing as the ultimate sports watch, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 in steel
is a strong contender. It is barely surprising that the purveyor of some of the nest artisan products in the world has an eye for other magnum opuses. He says: “I bought it in Boodles on Old Bond Street in December 2016, at the same time as my mate Jason Statham.”

The Rake

4. Elegance personified, Véronique accessorises as well as she dresses. Admittedly, the ring,
a Boodles 3.5ct D Flawless set on platinum, can perhaps be attributed to her ancé, but
the Bulgari Rettangolo set with diamonds is perfection.

The Rake

5. This gold chain C de Cartier necklace by Cartier features a single pearl and complements Véronique’s pared-down ensemble.

6. Opposite Cleverley’s headquarters in the Royal Arcade in London, there is another brand that is speci cally for those who are. In the know. E.B. Meyrowitz, run by the exceptional Sheel Davison-Lungley, is a haven for rare and artisanal spectacle frames. It operates as an optician, too, but these bespoke sunglasses are as good a signal of taste as any.

By Tom Chamberlin

Photography Jules Langeard

George Cleverley Tesimonials They're bloody lovely and I'll endeavour to do them justice.

— Mr. Gary Lineker, English Footballer & Sports Broadcaster

George Cleverley Tesimonials The shoes are absolute art pieces! Fantastic presentation and exquisite quality, cannot be surpassed.

— Mr. Sylvester Stallone, Actor, Producer & Director

George Cleverley Tesimonials I have one of every style. I don't ever get two pairs of the same shoe, unless they come in different colors.

— Mr. Charlie Watts, Drummer of The Rolling Stones

George Cleverley Tesimonials Best shoes on the planet.

— Mr. Jason Statham, Actor & Producer

George Cleverley Tesimonials The most beautiful shoes in the world.

— Mr. Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair

George Cleverley Tesimonials I always feel a boost of confidence when I step out wearing Cleverleys.

— Mr. John Quinn, Founder & Managing Partner at Quinn Emanuel

George Cleverley Tesimonials Luxury is a word mis-used. Cleverley shoes, on the other hand, are the absolute epitome of luxury. Something made by hand, with technical skill and creative artistry, only for me.

— Mr. Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director of Esquire & Editor of Big Black Book