1786 Apple Straps

10th February 2019

1786 Apple Straps

1786 Apple Straps

We have received an unprecedented amount of requests from people all over the world to expand our watch strap offering with the recent collaboration we did with The Rake & IWC. This special edition watch we did was a limited edition of 150 watches featuring our 1786 Russian Hide NATO straps. We have developed a completely hand stitched watch strap for the Apple Series 4 Watch (includes the hardware ready to fit onto the watch strap).

1786 Apple Straps

This new collection includes three straps, one for 44mm, 42mm & 38mm. Each one comes complete with the silver Apple Watch adapter which is all fitted and ready to connect.

These watch straps are priced at £450. They are all lined with soft green kid leather.

1786 Apple Straps

1786 Apple Straps

The Story of the 1786 Russian Leather

In the eighteenth century, Russia was renowned for making the best leather around. It required taking reindeer hides and subjecting them to a special tanning process that was a carefully guarded trade secret. The result was a water resistant leather with a rich reddish brown color, a cross-hatch pattern, and a smell unlike anything else (supposedly it repels bugs, though we haven’t tested this ourselves). After the 1917 Russian Revolution, production was stopped and the tanning process was lost to history.
A cargo ship called the Metta Catharina sank in Plymouth Sound on its way from St. Petersburg to Genoa in 1786, with bundles of this leather on board. The dark mud off the coast of England preserved these packages until a team of British divers came upon the wreck in 1973. Even after cleaning and restoring the leather, nothing was made from it until 1986 when George Cleverley began making bespoke shoes from the legendary hides. While Cleverley doesn’t reveal its clients, we know the very first pair of these shoes were made for Prince Charles himself. There may or may not be more hides lingering in the Metta Catharina, but no divers are willing to explore the more dangerous parts of the wreck and so supply is currently limited to those already salvaged.

George Cleverley Tesimonials They're bloody lovely and I'll endeavour to do them justice.

— Mr. Gary Lineker, English Footballer & Sports Broadcaster

George Cleverley Tesimonials The shoes are absolute art pieces! Fantastic presentation and exquisite quality, cannot be surpassed.

— Mr. Sylvester Stallone, Actor, Producer & Director

George Cleverley Tesimonials I have one of every style. I don't ever get two pairs of the same shoe, unless they come in different colors.

— Mr. Charlie Watts, Drummer of The Rolling Stones

George Cleverley Tesimonials Best shoes on the planet.

— Mr. Jason Statham, Actor & Producer

George Cleverley Tesimonials The most beautiful shoes in the world.

— Mr. Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair

George Cleverley Tesimonials I always feel a boost of confidence when I step out wearing Cleverleys.

— Mr. John Quinn, Founder & Managing Partner at Quinn Emanuel

George Cleverley Tesimonials Luxury is a word mis-used. Cleverley shoes, on the other hand, are the absolute epitome of luxury. Something made by hand, with technical skill and creative artistry, only for me.

— Mr. Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director of Esquire & Editor of Big Black Book